Hızır Camp

Welcome to the internet site of our camping grounds which is situated on the slopes of famous Ida Mountain of thousand and one springs with it’s green trees and many creeks. Hızır Camping is a holiday resort at the slopes of Kirislik Valley of Ida Mountain (Kaz Daglari).
Our campsite is 2 kilometers away from Mehmetalan village and is in walking distance from “Kazdagi National Park” border.
To swim in the cool waters of Zeytinli creek that runs through our site is one of the pleasurable experiences of our guests, not to mention of laying down on the sofa next the creek to read or just to relax.

We have three alternatives for staying overnight which could be found together with kitchen facilities under the title “Staying Facilities”.

You may prefer only to rest and relax in our camping while you may also choose to have different activities, like taking our prearranged various trekking trips through the national park or joining our yoga practises of which explained in more detail under “Activities”.

Our Kitchen

In addition to special local unique vegetables raised in our garden and served as salads or cooked vegetables, we have special vegetarian dinners seperate from routine meat, poultry or fish dinners.
All vegetables are cooked with locally produced extra virgin olive oil. Authentic “bazlama” breads, “gozleme”s served during lunch and “bishi”s of breakfast are just what the doctors orders for the stomacs that get depleted with the oxygene laden air of mountain Ida.
They that refuse to eat sweet “sarayli” pastry may feel sorry, but in the same time we strongly advice that no skipping of either long walks or a systematicly yoga practise for those who are inclined to grow sidewise :)

Electrical System

We are producing our own electiricity in our campsite. The solar energy panel produces about 10 kw of energy which satisfactoryly serves our camp’s requirements. Additional water turbine energy is being used for lighting purposes.

How to reach here

Depending on where you are there are alternative routes to reach Edremit, the town through which we are reached. You can find that options under “Location and Getting Here”.