İn our camp, in different time frames; Alper Edremit, Githa, Meru, Nilufer Ormanlı, Rasal, Senem Gurez gives body massage. The following information is available Meru'nun pre-applied techniques of interest, please contact us for more detailed information.


This body work session includes, Thai massage, holistic massage, Burmese massage, reflexology, Chi Nei Tsang and yoga techniques. And mobilize the body to balance the flow of energy, the therapist's fingers, hands, elbows and feet feel working with. A deeply relaxing and balancing effect.

The therapist focused on the energy body, hand prints, shaking, light yoga stretches and applies pressure to acupuncture points, so that the body, mind and spirit balanced. These techniques applied to the muscles, tension to pass, especially in the formation of general well-being and helps to relieve the stress syndromes.

Massage the whole body, the circulatory system, the lymphatic system, muscular system and the nervous system work better help. Comfortable clothing should be worn.

Chi Nei Tsang

People develop blockages occurring hardness of nodes and internal organs. This manifests itself in the center of blockages in the vital functions of the body and disrupts the balance of the life force. Fear, anger, negative emotions such as anxiety and depression may be caused by these blockages, such as overwork, stress, accidents, surgery, poor diet, the blockages can occur due to the toxic effects of drugs.

This blockage occurs in the abdomen, internal organs, stores energy and this energy is unhealthy affect other body systems, comes to the surface as negative emotions or illness. Abdominal massage internal organs, blocking negative energies, transforming you from toxins, repressed emotions and excessive heat or temperature differences that cause dysfunction of organs removed.

What Meru said about his work:
“A mixture of many different techniques and styles. However, people working to bring awareness and touching, watching her feelings for me, the most important thing. Personalized conscious compassion and healing approach is the key.”

Meru was born in Germany. Her training as a Sivananda Yoga Siromani (Instructor), Reiki- Practicioner, and the workshops in different Bodywork approaches like Burmese Massage, Foot- reflexology, Ol-massage, Chi Nei Tsang Abdominal Therapy and Thai Bodywork she got in India and Thailand which she is visiting regularly since 10 years. Her Focus over the last 10 years has been mostly on Thai Bodywork. Her Teacher Yan Praphas Sanskhawat is from the WAT PO Medical school, one of the most famous schools for Thai massage in Bangkok/Thailand. Additionally to this she got trained by Satyam Khoji in the OSHO International Meditation Resort in Poona/India. She is interested and involved with meditation and therapy work. She is giving sessions in different centers in Turkey, Germany and Bulgaria.